Children's Montessori

Montessori Program

Practical Life (teach me to do it myself)

Practical Life exercises are designed to develop the child's physical co-ordination (hand-eye), motor skills, independence and concentration. By learning to perform daily tasks give the child a sense of responsibility, self-worth and confidence, thus an accomplishment which leads to development of character. Some of the activities learned are pouring, spooning, transferring, washing up etc. Courtesy and social graces are also incorporated in this area. Learning to take care of ones self and the environment is a primary goal in Practical life.


Sensorial Education is fundamental in the intellectual development of the child. The materials provided help to develop the child's sensory-motor capabilities of the five senses. The child becomes more aware of his surrounding by observing the environment more intelligently. The graded activities consist of sequencing, matching, classifying and sorting. Sensorial Education also indirectly prepares the child for other areas of development like reading, language and math.


A child is introduced to Mathematics after working with the practical life and sensorial activities. Manipulative materials are designed to allow the child to have the hands on experience in order to grasp the concept of quantity.

By having to feel, touch and see a concrete object as opposed to the abstract concept is a great advantage and gives the child a good head start in learning the fundamentals of simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and the decimal system.

Language and Phonics

Montessori Method of introducing language is by teaching the child the phonetic sounds of the letters. By this approach, the child learns to familiarize with the sounds, then on to word-building, reading, speaking and writing. This system is of a multi-sensory nature, which enhances language development. Mandarin and Spanish are also incorporated into our program.


Children should be given the opportunity to be fully aware of the different facets of the environment and the world. Cultural Education is an activity-based program that covers Geography, History, Botany, Zoology, Science and Nature Study. Creative activities (exercises) allowing exploration and general knowledge is undeniably a welcome addition in giving the child self-worth and confidence to last him a lifetime.

In addition we also conduct the following:

Creative Art 

"Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed"
 - Maria Montessori